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Mute City Music is a music production business based in Denver, CO specializing in sheet music preparation services! Click the image above to learn more

Mute City Music is a music production business based in Denver, CO specializing in sheet music preparation services! Click the image above to learn more

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Compositions & Arrangements on Sheet Music Plus

I always remember to post news and updates like this on the Facebook page, but I keep forgetting to post here in the blog as well! Sorry about that!

Anyway, I've been hard at work trying to get new music on Sheet Music Plus, and currently I've been taking 7-piece band arrangements of pop and rock tunes from my library and putting them online. The most recent upload was my arrangement of Kenny Loggins' Footloose which you can view here:

Footloose | Kenny Loggins | Arr. Zack Demos

At this point, I have…

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New Web Series Featuring Music by Zack Demos!

Get hyped for Unvented, a brand new web series which will be premiering Thursday, January 12th on YouTube! The show includes an original theme tune written and produced by Zack Demos, so if nothing else, watch the first 30 seconds. (But seriously, watch the whole thing, some talented individuals are involved with this project and this will be a great show not to be missed!) #unvented #webseries #music #scificomedy
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Update on Jazz Ensemble Charts from MCM

Mute City Music's original works for large Jazz ensemble (and perhaps for Jazz combos in the near future) will be available online at J. W. Pepper - one of the nation's largest sheet music retailers - thanks to their new distribution platform for self-publishers called MyScore! This has several major implications, but above all is probably that the chart store on this page will likely be removed, making current and future charts available exclusively at jwpepper.com. Demo recordings of the charts will be…Read more
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Why hire an arranger?

Seriously, why hire an arranger to write for you when there's already so much sheet music out there already and so many ways to obtain it?

Well, for the sake of this debate, let's take a look at it from the perspective of a Cabaret guest entertainer working with (roughly) a 7-piece band on cruise ships. (note that arrangers can be hired for a multitude of other situations) I've had a few clients come to me asking for charts with some trepidation / concern / skepticism as to why they should hire an arranger…Read more
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Exciting News Involving Princess Cruises!

As of 2016, Mute City Music is an official vendor/supplier for Princess Cruises producing arrangements for their various musical entertainment programs on board, including The Voice of the Ocean, Festivals of the World, and Magical Mystery Tour! Click the image below to view their plethora of entertaining events!

Mute City Music (Zack Demos), Full instrumental production on SoundBetter

New Podcast Episodes: Spring 2018

Season 2 of #thesoundtrackpodcast will be premiering early in the next calendar year! Get ready for some thrilling new topics as we tackle the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also some of the funkiest video game soundtracks, and we just might get to that elusive Family Guy episode that's been long overdue. There will be an official release date announcement in late January/early February. Also stay tuned for some great new content coming to our channel on YouTube! Subscribe now to get all the latest content from…

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Polls on Facebook

Be sure to participate in the 2 latest polls on Facebook! We want to know which episode from season 1 of #thesoundtrackpodcast was your favorite, and also what types of videos you would most like to see on our new YouTube channel! Click HERE to cast your votes and give us your feedback. We aim to continue creating fun and interesting content for you as we roll into 2018

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Coming Soon ~ Podcast Episode 9!

The next episode of #thesoundtrackpodcast premieres Friday, March 31st! The topic is Howard Shore and his work on Lord of the Rings. Hit the SoundCloud icon on your screen to catch a short clip from the upcoming episode!
Episode 7 promo

The Soundtrack ~ Episode 7 ~ Jan. 31st 2017

Can't think of a better way to kickstart the new year than to talk about music from Nintendo's most iconic franchise, Super Mario! Be sure to join Zack for all the fun 'n games 4 weeks from today!#supermario #nintendo #newyear #videogames #thesoundtrack

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The official podcast from Mute City Music! New episodes at the end of every month!

The official podcast from Mute City Music! New episodes at the end of every month!

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